New features request

This topic is about the new features request and bugs fix for the awesome yeelight rgbw led.

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hope this is going to work… +10

After one month of using the yeelight rgbw led, I found that

Updating firmware through the yeelight app always fail but through the mi home app it works.
Please add the Network info like in the mi home app to show the wifi signal strength.
There is considerable delay between power toggles through the yeelight app whereas the mi home is instanteneous.
The color picker mode enable us to make more color choice e.g: #ffb6c1 and if the in built color selector was able to select very lightly colored white modes it would be better.
I will try to find more ways to suggest making the app better.


Thanks for your suggestion! We will try to improve it.

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Please add the Mi Band option also for the LED Bulbs and please make also options for whole groups :slight_smile:

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A companion app for Samsung Smartwatches S2/S3 (tizen) would be GREAT!!!
I wish i could create one my self but…

I know i can use tasker for basic functionality but the fact that s2/s3 have a rotating dial would open a world of possibilities for a companion app (rotate and increase/decrease luminocity etc)