New beta app and Tasker

Thanks for the new update but there is still no preset scene can’t be chosen (as in first picture).

Only those set manually before the update appears (as in the second picture).

Scene bundle is removed to the main page(bottom selection button) named “Scene”.

Scene on Tasker (configuration action) only shows the Favorites

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I mean in the scene list of Tasker not the Yeelight app.
Only favourite scene that I set myself exists.
Those scenes like Sunrise , Notify me do not exist.

Beside preset scenes it will be great Tasker also could use new scenes and customization…

Thanks for you feedback, will consider add it.

Any plan to add the preset scenes back to Tasker?

Since the latest update (with the new user interface) it isn’t possible anymore to add a recommended scene (sunrise for example) to a schedule anymore… When will this be fixed?

I hope to see the preset scenes again in the new app … else, we will need create them manually one by one.

So the preset scenes were also removed from tasker?

How can I have the (recommended) sunrise scene activated on schedule now? (Without using IFTTT)

Is it possible to downgrade the android app to the previous version?

Hi, I have a question for tasker and Yeelight.
If I set my locale to China, will I still get to use Yeelight for plugin Tasker?