Need the best configuration for many yeelight


I have many bulb (15 RGBW, 1 GW, some sensors, vacuum etc …). I have a dedicated Wi-Fi (TPlink Archer 1200). All FW are up to date.

I’m in France and i’m connected to mainland China. My internet access is fast (150 mbits, 25 ms of ping). I have activated the LAN control in each bulb.

But, when i use the yeelight app (android), the response of each bulb is ramdom. I try to drive 6 builb simultaneously , 1 or 2 not follow my request, is random.

The problem is mainly with manual actions. With my gateway and my scenarios, no problems (or few).

So, do you have a idea ? Or do you have a best configuration for me ? (Specific config with Wi-Fi, go to another server (but i want to keep all functionality: yeelight, gateway, scenario))

Just use local (LAN) mode and send commands yourself… i.e. Tasker and Send/Expect plugin. It is very fast.

If I were you I would have a look on Jeedom and the jeedom Xiaomi plugin. With that you can get rid of the xiaomi/yeelight app wich are sometimes buggy (probably due to the server distance) and still being able to control your yeelight products, Xiaomi sensors (I think you can control the vacuum too but I’m not sure), create custom scenarios, and control it with a vocal assistant like Google Home.