Music mode server

In the API there is a command called “set_music” that makes the lamp take commands from a server that converts music to color commands. Have anyone successfully hosted a server locally on your PC and connected the lamp to it? If so what software did you use to host the server? Thanks

It doesn’t convert music to color - it just sends colors.

How do you mean? I had the understanding if you had a server that converted music to color commands you could connect the lamp to that.

What server?? I am not aware of any such server to convert the music to colors :slight_smile: The API command just sets the bulb in receive mode to listen to specific IP adress for colors. What’s on the other end - you have to supply… The API command/bulb doesn’t care what server does. It doesn’t have to convert anything, it just sends commands (colors)…

You should write this program, I would like to use it.