Music Mode for a group of bulbs?


Is it possible to start the music mode for more than one bulb simultaneously?


Will support music mode for group in next release.


Thanks for the quick response!


Is there an Alexa command to launch music mode or colour cycle?


No way to launch music mode. To lunch color cycle, please use scene management feature. Create a scene when your bulb is in color flow mode and re-discover it in Alexa.


Ah ok. :slight_smile: I’ve set up the scenes and Alexa has discovered them ok, but I can’t seem to get the correct wording for Alexa to set them! Saying: “Alexa, turn {lamp name} blue”, works immediately, as does the terms “set” and “switch”.
“Alexa, set {lamp name} to {scene name}” gets the response: “I don’t know how to set {lamp name} to that setting”.
“Alexa, turn {lamp name} to {scene name}” or
“Alexa, switch {lamp name} to {scene name}” gets the response: “ok” but nothing happens.
What am I doing wrongly?


Just say, “Alexa, turn on {scene name}”.


Ah yes!!! Works well!! Thanks. :slight_smile:


“next release” here does it mean next update firmware release, next update app release or next bulb version release? when it will be? is it possible to be done in this july? i need this for my project.


Already released. Please check the latest version.


Hi, Where can i find this feature please, I have the latest firmware and Android App but cant find how to turn Music flow on for multiple lights?


Ok so i was being slow, I needed to create a “Group” rather than a “Room” :slight_smile: