Music Flow mode findings and suggestions

Some things I noticed when using music flow mode:

  • sensitivity differs a lot from phone to phone. On Mi A1 it is very sensitive while on Note 4 Global you have to turn music a lot louder for the same result -> Is it possible to adjust sensitivity? I have not a found a control for that. If not, this would be a great feature

  • brightness: there should be a control to limit brightness in music mode. Or did I miss the control again? It seems to be fixed at 100% and no control for that.
    => x/y axis could be used to implement the sensitivity and brightness controls in music mode GUI

  • on Xiaomi Mi A1 music mode looses connected devices after a few minutes. Mi A1 is AndroidOne and has no energy savings enabled by default, so this cannot be the cause. When I connect the same group of bulbs (lightstrips in my case) to a Note 4 Global (with power savings disabled for yeelight app) everything works fine, no disconnects. It would be great if someone could have a look into this and fix it for the A1 AndroidOne platform.

  • in music mode lights need not only be on the same network but also connected to the exact same wifi radio network (2,4GHz if you have 2,4GHz and 5GHz), if you have multiple access points (or repeaters) all devices need to be connect to the same access point. direct communication between wifi clients needs to be enabled - it would be great if this could be a bit relaxed and music mode was working when devices are connected to different wifi radio networks (on the same IP network). typical scenario is: phone is connected to 5GHz and bulbs to 2,4GHz.

Yeelight App: 3.0.06
Yeelight LED Strips: 1.4.1_40
Xiaomi Mi A1: N2G47H.7.11.18
Xiaomi Note 4 Global: MIUI 9 Global 7.11.16

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It is using device microphone. You can increase the :microphone: pick up volume

How can I increase the microphone pick up volume then? There is no control widget in the app, right? I cannot find a global microphone gain control, neither in MIUI nor in AndroidOne.
Anyway, adjusting it globally would be the wrong way - the mic is fine for calls etc. It’s just Yeelights music flow mode that needs to be adjusted.

It is not apps problem as I am using iPhone, iPad and a few other android device.

Do google around as there is a tons of way to do it :slight_smile: