Multiple Server?


We currently have US, Singapore and China server, since you are in Brazil, US seems to be the best choice.


Sorry about the inconvenience, but which one?
“The United States (Singapore Server)” or “The U.S. (the U.S. server)”?

I use IFTTT with my LED Bulb.


I highly suggest you use Yeelight app instead of MiHome app for a better experience with IFTTT or Alexa. In Yeelight app, there is only one option for US server.


Thank’s for your time!
I just bought some Smart Home items, sensors, cameras, etc. But they should only arrive in January, until then I only need the Yeelight app…


Q4 is almost over. When will the Gateway be supported?


Still nothing. It’s the easiest thing for the developers to be able to connect the gateway to Singapore server. And with gateway, there’s dozens of devices such as switches, plugs and sensors you can link to it. More money for xiaomi, but nooo. They are screwing with us. Or another fix would be to make Alexa skill to support the Mainland China skill


i would like to know if there are any server MiHome for Europe that support all the product (gateway, bulb, stripe, switch button, body sensors). Actually I’m using China Mainland server but from Italy is so slow sometime (8-9 seconds to turn on/off something).


EU’s GDPR will take effect in late May, I don’t think you could use Chinese server anymore. All Xiaomi products that are targeting EU market are now doing self-check now, you may see them on EU server later.

Mi gateway on Singapore server

So my account will be automatically redirect to Europe server or there is any action I must do before the end of May?