Multiple Server?


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I have the Gateway at 1° floor; some Body Sensor and Switch Button are at 1° floor and some other at 2° floor. The distance between the most far away sensor and the gateway is 10meters and I have to say that there is 4m stairs, 2 wall and the 2 doors closed (some time). You should be scared more for the WiFi signal (I just buy 2 weeks ago Xiaomi Router and now the signal is stable at all!). Another guy in the forum suggested to use Static DHCP on the Router; i made it and the Yeelight now has 300-600ms delay compared to 4-5 seconds.


I have 2 AirPort extreme routers (newest model) and had never had problems
But when I do, you mean static ip adresses for each Bulb?


I tested two Bulb for 1-2 months before buy all the sensor/buld for the whole house.
In the first 1-2 months everything was working pretty fine. After i setup more the 18 Bulbs, 4 stripe, 8 body sensors, 1 gateway, 4 button switch and some Door sensors i starting to have delay issue resolved after i manage the router with static DHCP. When you setup static DHCP then it still work as normal DHCP for new devices, but for any new already added/recognized device it will assign the same ip address.


Thats awsome im definately going to try that out later today. Thank you for the explanation!

By switching to the china server from the Mi Home, i need to re-add to yeelights tho. I hope that i dont have to do that with the yeelight app itself… Else im constantly re-adding the yeelights :wink:


Those servers are isolated from each other, if you switched from one server to another, all your device data and configuration will be preserved in previous server.


Everything works great
Had a problem with the sensors time setting
Problem solved: +8 Time Zone (China Mainland server)

I love these products :+1:t2:


can you please give some info for the 2 account method?

got one for MiHome (Gateway things) and another for YeeLight (Google Assistant) -

Now this: after switching to Singapore server all my bulbs aren’t in the device list anymore. resettet one strip (for testing purposes) - YeeLight App find’s it immidiatly and it works fine with the Google Assistant.

no other, than the resettet strip was found. now wanted to add this same strip back into MiHome and it cannot find it.

Any hints or solutions for this?

Kind regards Lukas


I just got some lights and a gateway and did not realise I could not have both bulbs connected to the gateway and Google Home at same time. I can’t wait for the Gateway to be setup on Singapore Server so I can have both at the same time.


Can you Please open a new tread when we can use Singapore
Server on Mi Home app?


We really need Xiaomi to add Mi Home / gateway to singapore servers. I have a gateway as well and I dont use it now, because i have google home…


I heard Xiaomi is rolling out a European server:

1 Is this true?
2 If yes, then when is it planned/scheduled?
3 Most important: does it support the Xiaomi Gateway ??



I’ve just received a gateway and four switchs and just discovered that I can’t pair it with my 5 yeelights because Singapore server won’t support it :frowning_face:
As I have a Google Home, I can’t leave Singapore, gateway will stay in the drawer for a while
Hope it gets updated soon


Welcome to the “club”… we are waiting for this many many months but…


Some people who have an uptade to 5.0 of MiHome managed to connect the gateway to Singapour but it’s not 100% functional yet.


I am one of them and its 0% functional.


What about this United States server? There is some restriction known?


US server and Singapore server has the same function. It’s mainly deployed for North/South America users.


Will there be any Australian Servers?


i have the same problem.
Waiting for the gateway to work on singapure server!


I live in Brazil (South America) why the US server is showing up as “recommended” for me? Should I change?