Multiple Server?


I want to use IFTTT then i should switch to Singapore server.
But in Singapore I cannot use all Xiaomi products (sensors, gateway, etc.).

So the question is:
can i have the same 24 bulb registered to Singapore and Chinaland server at same time?
This will let me use Chinalanda server for all Automations and Singapore for IFTTT routines.

Is this the right way to move? There is another solution?

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Currently only Singapore server supports IFTTT. You can’t use multiple servers at the same time. Sorry for this situation. I believe other Xiaomi products will support Singapore server later.

Suppose you need automation feature on Mainland China server, right?

That feature will be deployed on Singapore server soon. Stay tuned.


Would be great to hear, when automation is working on singapore server.

Would like to get my bulbs controlled via xiaomi gateway AND alexa…

Please open a new thread when it is working.

Thank you.

Any updates ? Specific dates ?

No. I was just told someone was working on it, but no idea how long it will take.

I can work on it - can you release something open source?

I don’t think so. :grinning:

You are right - i saw that Yeelight has a public API and a “developer mode”.
So in theory should be possibile to have a very “open-source” way to control Yeelight.

The problem is the XIAOMI side, for example all the Sensors because they don’t have any Public API available at this moment.

Exactly! That’s something need to be handled by the platform instead of single device.

Aaah damm
Just orderd A gateway, 3 sensors and 4 switches for my 12 Color bulbs and now I read this

Any news on the ETA

Q4 of this year.

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Hi, does it mean that the Xiaomi gateway will be able to support singapore server or they will release singapore/international version of gateway? Or we can have Yeelight to be registered under multiple server?
I am waiting to buy a new set of gateway but hesitate about the server issue.

Yes, current Xiaomi gateway will support Singapore server. Then you can add automation rule between gateway and Yeelgiht bulbs.

Till then Will try 2 accounts @ xiaomi
One for automation and A few yeelights @ China Mainland server
And One for A few yeelights with alexa @ Singapore server

That’s it!

That’s great news!

How do you do that tho? Switch between accounts on one android device ? And can you control the same yeelights from different servers?

Or you just link two accounts and set one account to singapore and one account to china mainland? Will they both be able to turn on the lights?

I really hope xiaomi is going to fix that issue, since i have a gateway and a google home. The gateway is pretty useless now…

Two accounts
One for automation: in my case for working with the Gateway, wireless switches and sensors to turn a couple yeelights on.
Use this account with the “Mi Home” app and set it for Mainland China (Settings - Language locale -> Mainland China)
Now you can’t use Mi Home linked to Alexa (Google?) because of the server
One for only Yeelights (no automation)
Use this account with the “Yeelight” app and set it for Singapore
(Settings - Server Locale -> Singapore)
Link the Yeelight account to Alexa (Google?)

Now you can use Alexa for a couple yeelights you want to change by speech or use the Yeelight app to change them.
Use automation for other yeelights or use the Mi Home app to change them.
Singapore server linked to Alexa and Yeelight app on my Phone

This is just a solution till Xiaomi automation products will accept Singapore server and can be linked with Alexa (Google?)

My Gateway hasn’t arrived yet but setup should work (tested two account with Yeelights and apps)
My only worry is how much distance the Gateway and other automation can have.
Next week i will reply my answer

My Setup
2 Amazon Echo Dots
12 Yeelight Color
1 Gateway
3 Sensors
6 wireless switches/buttons

Livingroom: (Yeelight Singapore linked to Alexa)
5 Yeelights controlled with Alexa and the Yeelight app on Phone

Hallway: (Mi Home, Mainland China)
Gateway at the door
Hallway, Yeelight connected with sensor (for evening)
Toilet, Yeelight connected with sensor
Switch for light Hallway first floor

First Floor: (Mi Home, Mainland China)
Hallway, Yeelight connected with switch and sensor (for night)
4 bedrooms, Yeelights connected with switch
Echo dot in Bedroom