Mijia bedside lamp:Possible to simulate Surnise like these? (details in the body)

Hi, I have Yeelight bedside lamp Bluetooth version . Main use is sunrise alarm. The dark to sunrise transition time is not long enough for me and the whole thing from start to finish is too bright and I like to change the colors.

Like to get a Mijia but want to know if the Mijia (new wifi version) has the following features:

1)Ability to adjust/customize the length of the transition (at least 2 hrs) from dark to full sunrise

2)Ability to adjust/customize the starting and ending hue of the sunrise light. I like it to start super dark orange and end at a lighter orange vs. the current yellowish white it ends up at with the lamp I have.

3)Ability to adjust/customize the brightness (starting and ending) of the sunrise alarm

Something like these below:-
Lifx Sunrise Simulator
Sunrise Alarm for Lifx and Hue

I am in the USA if that matters.

Thanks much.

Sure, you can program a customized from Yeelight application (Customization in slide menu) with duration, start/end color, and any key frame. After you create a customized scene, then you can use it from Schedule of the lamp.