Mijia Bedside Lamp 2 New firmware 1.5.4_160

Today I updated my mijia bedside lamp 2 to this new firmware, there are still problems:

-Still unable to select a default light like in the other yeelight products. If you change the colour, bye bye your last one. I don´t know if this needs an app update or it´s firmware.

-Red pure colour is now available (THANK YOU!!!) But you still need to improve the colours, for example you have fixed the pure red near the orange tones (left side), but the red near the pink tones (right side) is still weak with a lot of white. **There is no consistency over the selector.**You force the pure red and if you move a little down the selector, the red is not red like in the old firmware.
Colours were perfect on the bedside lamp gen 1.
And also the yeelight bulb has the problem with the red colour that is not red.

-Quick colour buttons have the same problem with the colours (if you select for example the purple button…it´s near white).

-With this new firmware i think the lamp is less noisy.

Thank you yeelight team.

Note: After appliying the new firmware Control Lan turns off. But after erasing the app, and installing again, Control Lan returns and I can´t turn it off. So the problem persist.

Note 2: After a couple of minutes, Control Lan turns off automatically.