Mijia Bedside Lamp 2 New firmware 1.4.8_155

Today I updated my mijia bedside lamp 2 to this new firmware, there are still problems:

-Still unable to select pure colours. You have to seriously take a look on that, colours on this lamp are a disaster. White leds are always on with every colour. Specially Red looks like orange.

-Related to the colours…the quick colour buttons… if I select purple…it´s purple or white??And the same with the other quick colour buttons.

Please bring back pure colours, like in the old yeelight bedside lamp, improve the colour selector. With the yeelight app 3.0 colour selector you can have pure colours and also colour+white, why did you disable the pure colours?

-If you do some changes with the colour selector in a short time, the lamp stops changing the colour.

-Still unable to select a default light like in the other yeelight products. If you change the colour, bye bye your last one.

Seems to be fixed in the latest 1.5.4_160 Firmware :slight_smile:

Now pure colors are working. Thanks Yeelight Team!

Take a look here: