MiBand 3 linkage mode to yeelight products


Can you please let me know if the announced MiBand 3 is compatible or in the future it will be also compatible with the linkage mode to yeelight products as example yeelight bedside lamp etc?

Thank you in advance best regards

You can already today link the miband 2 to yeelight… well, not directly. But via tasker,mqtt and home assistant I control my yeelight,spotify and alexa. When my smartAlarm goes it triggers spotify on my alexa to play music, slowly increasing levels and in sync with the music my yeelight lamps slowly fade in. All controlled by Home Assistant automation script

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would like to know more info or a guide on how you are doing that

install tasker on your phone (android) as well as mqtt client.
install notify&fitness on your phone
setup tasker event (receive intent) based on the miband event for awake/sleeping ( check notify&fitness documentation)
create actions that send mqtt messages to your mqtt broker
in home assistant setup a mqtt sensor that subscribes to your two events (sleep/awake)
then use this sensor in automation rules for whatever device you have in home assistant

Yeelight Android app support MiBand3 and Yeelight iOS app will support it in the future.

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So, only iOS app will be supported?
What about Android?

Yeelight Android App is fine.

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