Mi gateway on Singapore server


Does your iPhone have enough memory?
Also you can try clearing cache - MiHome App > Profile > Settings > Clear Cache


I must admit that the memory of my iphone is not the best :sweat::sweat: so you say that the solution is to increase the phone memory and clean the cache memory? I try immediately


clear the cache and maybe reboot your iphone first.
it uses very little cache - mine is around 400Mb and I have about 70 devices


Thanks for the suggestions … actually I noticed that by freeing up space on my phone and eliminating the cache the problem does not recur. Until my phone memory starts to decrease again :sweat::sweat:


I tried the android app … and everything works perfectly. I noticed that the problem is only with my phone (iphone) … unfortunately I noticed that opening the app the cache is empty 0.00 MB … I assume this is the problem. It is due to the automatic cleaning of iOS