Mi gateway on Singapore server


Are you using the private beta skill for Amazon alexa on China server? I do and it works in general, but not tonight. Server is unresponsive. I don’t have RGB V2 bulbs though. Only one white V2 and some V1 bulbs


Where do I get this private beta skill. As far as I remember last try I have was something like with the Mi Home skill V2 RGB bulbs not discovered at all. With the yeelight skill discovered but not responding to any commands, although V1 RGB works just fine. Yes on China server.


sorry for the dalay. you can find more details here


So whats the latest story about Mi Gateway on Singapore Server? Totally cannot work or half working? Seems like no more news on this


Since Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant now supported Yeelight from China Mainland Server.
If IFTTT is not your thing, can consider to switch all to China Server.


I using IFTTT so I still have to use Singapore server is that correct?


So far, yes.


Did you tell the truth? alexa doesnt work for me with yeelight bulb II on mainland china server, but if i switch server everything is ok


Is the server connection different at a different gateway ??? Does anybody know about the site which is connected to remote servers like https://babasupport.org/apple/iphone-error-4005/ ???


I’m a bit lost, i use Yeelight bulbs in combination with Google Home voice commands, i also have a Xiaomi Gateway with door sensors.
For the gateway i must use the China Mainland server, but for the Yeelight bulbs i use the German server. When i switch the Yeelights to the China server, i cant use them with Google Home voice. As far as i know the European servers wont support the Xiaomi Gateway. Is there a solution for this issue?


Yeelight has started to support Yeelight under China Server to be controlled using Google Assistant.
Try to add your XiaoMi account to Google Home Control.
Lights under China server will appear after you tell Google “Sync all my devices”.


I have the same issue, if i switch china server to singapore one i get initialize error message…


I have this but cant get the radio. Is there radio?


Are yeelight china servers supported by alexa?