Mi gateway on Singapore server


Are you using the private beta skill for Amazon alexa on China server? I do and it works in general, but not tonight. Server is unresponsive. I don’t have RGB V2 bulbs though. Only one white V2 and some V1 bulbs


Where do I get this private beta skill. As far as I remember last try I have was something like with the Mi Home skill V2 RGB bulbs not discovered at all. With the yeelight skill discovered but not responding to any commands, although V1 RGB works just fine. Yes on China server.


sorry for the dalay. you can find more details here


So whats the latest story about Mi Gateway on Singapore Server? Totally cannot work or half working? Seems like no more news on this


Since Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant now supported Yeelight from China Mainland Server.
If IFTTT is not your thing, can consider to switch all to China Server.


I using IFTTT so I still have to use Singapore server is that correct?


So far, yes.