Mi gateway on Singapore server


So let me get this straight:

@stormdreamer Did you already have the gateway set up in china? Are the instructions limited to changing the server, or is it possible to configure the gateway in singapore from scratch?

This is what I did: (Never used Gateway)

1- While in Singapore reset the gateway
2- Switch to China
3-Swith again to Singapore
4-Gateway found
5-Trying to connect
6-Connection Time out

Am I doing just like you?


Newest version of MIHome.


So, I tried now and its working again! :slight_smile:

Only Mi Remote doesnt work. I can connect, it appears on Mi Home app, but when I tap on it, nothing happens.


Seems that some devices don’t work in Singapore server no matter if they are connected successfully. The same thing happens for me with the Dafang camera


Here it is: Mi Home


Finally it’s working! Just follow the steps of @stormdreamer


Hi. You can find the dafang camera on the list? I only saw 2 xiao fang cameras listed.


Hi Tiago

What changed from the steps you have listed here? I’m still struggling to connect my gateway.


Don’t worry, what you see is normal.
Normally the Dafang camera is not supported from Singapore server.
People who have successfully connected the gateway to Singapore server can see a different list of available devices. Take a look on the latest posts and you will find screenshots of the short and the long list of devices.
The problem is that some devices appear on the list but they don’t work. Dafang is one of them. I can connect it to server but it doesn’t work.
Last night I also noticed that I can’t connect an old yi 720p camera to Singapore server, even if it is available on my list. I have to try some more times in order to confirm this.
It would be useful people have noticed problems with other devices to leave their feedback here


Hi again after some brief vacations :slight_smile: I am glad that most of you guys did it even if you had a hard time.

First of all, i noticed that not only if you change server but even if you change language (!!) you might lose the access to the gateway. For example, in my attempts to connect the xiaofang camera, i saw in a forum someone suggesting to switch to chinese language first, i did it and not only the result was the same but after that i couldnt see the gateway in my device list anymore BUT the automation was working properly and all devices that are under the gateway are working (like the gateway is there hidden). I didnt have the time to do everything again from scratch so i will do it in weekend and hopefully i wont mess everything up.
So my advice is that either wait for Singapore server to be stable OR if you succeed then dont logout, change language etc!
For me as i said what it is not working is the xiaofang camera and the upload of an mp3 as a personal ringtone (for example for siren). Psybill said that Dafang camera and an old Yi camera are also not working so if one of you has an IP camera then its better to wait :). Ip camera is an important part for my setup so i am not sure if i will finally revert back in China server just because of that or not…
Aqara buttons (little square ones), xiaomi buttons (little round ones), xiaomi humidity sensors etc are working perfectly (i am still not getting notifications about humidity or tempature but that was a problem even in China server).
As psybill said, if someone has another working or not working sensor/device then please report it to help others.


Yeah what are you doing differently. I followed the exact same steps and still get the connection timeout.
Did you change anything in the language etc.?


@stormdreamer if you are looking for ip cameras that work on Singapore server right now then you can try the mijia 1080 and the Mijia smart 720p PTZ. Both work great for me…
Another “unsupported” device that works for me in Singapore server is the Philips Connected Bulb, but I will remove it form my ecosystem and replace it with a yeelight because of the Google Assistant integration.


Exactly nothing! First try in the morning and it begin to work!


Language : Default. I disconnected from power 5-6h and then first try in morning worked.


Mi Remote doesnt work too.

I changed the server and, after several tries, could connect all devices on Singapore (but a did a clean setup again).


Another semi-working device on Singapore Server for those with a connected gateway. Guess what? It’s the Yeelight V2 bulb. Normally the V2 bulb is not listed in the Singapore server, but its in the list for us with a successfully connected gateway.
Today I received my first V2 White bulb and I tried to connect it to Singapore server through Mi Home app to see what will happen. Bulb connected succesfully, but I can not access bulb’s menu. Fortunately, I can create an automation with the bulb. I have set it up with a motion sensor for on/off and it works fine. Of course the bulb added in Yeelight app automatically and I can control it through the app and with Google Assistant.
@weiwei any official response on this? When are you going to support v2 bulb on Mi Home app? As I can see on the other thread there some problems on China server too


Hi guys,

I’ve been following this thread for a long time, waiting for the bulbs to work with Alexa without additional automation like home assistant.
Finally I see people getting the gateway working on Singapore server and that’s amazing. I’ve tried to replicate stormdreamer (awesome man) steps on my setup but I was always get a timeout.

While reading this thread, I noticed malnabokor post (thanks a lot man) saying that there is the new “mi home” skill for Alexa that supports China server for yeelight bulbs and bam! It really works. Finally I can control the lights with Alexa :slight_smile:

The point is, now that we have a skill that controls the lights in China server, what’s the point of moving into Singapore server?

Keep the good work everybody! You guys rock!


Glad you found a solution that is working for you!
Yes i also noticed this skill i enabled it two days ago and noticed that alexa finds the devices twice now (dont know if this happened before) so probably yes it is working.
“what’s the point of moving into Singapore server?”
Well there is a misunderstanding that we want another server (like Singapore) just for Alexa or IFTTT… no this is not the main reason (at least for me) the main reason is that especially for European users, China server is really really slow and buggy.
I saw a post from Weiwei in another thread pointing that probably soon Xiaomi is going to have every device in European server (Germany) and this would be the best solution (also he was saying that from that point the China server wont work for us anymore, dont know if i remember this well).
So if we can get rid of the slow and buggy China server then it would be great… but if not then yes, the Mi Home skill (as long as it works properly all the time) is a temporary solution for people waiting for either the European server or at least official support of Singapore server.
Maybe at this point and if you guys on China server that have enabled this skill, confirm that everything is working OK all the time, then i would also suggest to stay in China server and enable this skill since Singapore server is far from ready and stable (for Gateway).
Can you do a “stress test” on this skill so people (that only care about alexa) can know if they should stop trying with Singapore server and use this instead?

PS. Found the post from Weiwei Multiple Server? i dont know if with “products that are targeting EU market” includes Gateway and all sensors and i also dont know what “I don’t think you could use Chinese server anymore” means but it doesnt sound good to me…


I will test the “mi home” skill stability during this weekend and then I will post the results.
I installed the skill yesterday late night and only tested it a few times, like 3 on/off cycles, and actually it fail once.
I also have a xiaomi mijia 1080p cam. I think that, for this reason and based on ppl comments, I will have to remain kind of stuck on China server.

Thanks for your feedback stormdreamer.


@W4RPZZ, Mijia 1080p works great on Singapore server


@psybill thanks!!!

Considering this, and the fact that Singapore server is faster, I think that i will give it another try on registering the gateway on Singapore server next week so I can test the skill stability during the weekend.