Mi gateway on Singapore server


someone says he managed to pair them by selecting the xiaomi sensors in the list!


seems to be too easy :wink:
I will try that at the weekend.


any news that the gateway works with another server other than china?
I recently ordered and set with some more sensors and was to put everything to work with the bulbs and google assistant.


The gateway works with Singapore and Hong Kong server, that’s all I know so far.


Good morning, I’m from Spain, i have gateway V2 and several yeelight and other dispositives,
I’m trying to associate to singapure server but I do not get it, How can i get it?, what steps have you followed?
Thank you


sorry, more information, mi home 5.1.26, android 8.1


Mi gateway is currently not available for Singapore server on Andriod devices. I think is it in beta testing in iOS devices. Please wait for more information.


Has anyone tried to setup all devices on Singapore server with an iOS device and then try to connect to Singapore server with an android device to see if it works?


I can see the gateway and Mijia sensors on my android phone. Not sure if it works though


Have you set them up with an iPhone?


[quote=“psybill, post:415, topic:2470”]Has anyone tried to setup all devices on Singapore server with an iOS device and then try to connect to Singapore server with an android device to see if it works?

Yes, it is working fine. Set my gateway and sensors via iOS and I can see all sensors and gateway on my Android (Nokia 7 Plus, Nexus 5x)


I could start the configuration in ios, but in android I can only see them, not configure, and the gateway I do not see in android.


Is it working? On Android?


I just tried to add the gateway on Singapore server through android devices but with no luck.
First i tried with a tablet with android 6 (thinking that maybe the earlier android version would have some effect) with no luck. It couldnt even find the gateway. Then i used my phone (huawei p9 with nougat) and when i logged in to Singapore (with the gateway in reset mode) it did find it and i could start the setup. At about 50% it connected to my wifi but at 90% it timed out. Tried it many times (i could make it find the gateway ONLY if it was in reset mode and if i first logged in to another server and THEN to singapore or hong kong) but with no luck (always half success but timeout at the end) so i reverted back to Mainland China and… still waiting for Xiaomi to do their job properly.


concur. also just tried my luck again few hours ago. no go for android. iOS seems to have all the love at the moment.


I’ve purchased the Gateway (Mi Control Hub) v2 (the one without the round corners but with MIJIA home icon).

  • Added the gateway to the Sg server.
  • Went on and added the door sensors , motion sensors, and wireless switch. All works well
  • For some reason Gateway can’t initialize when I click on it. - but other than that, it works.

I am on IOS 11 and these devices were added to my MiHome app. I went straight and purchase those devices to add to my home.

Just so you guys know it works.

Just one slight issue with Mi Motion Sensor. Does the motion sensors work constantly and actively detecting NO MOTION?

Here is a scene:

  1. lights already on. walk in front of the motion sensor (detected motion)
  2. walks away for 2 minutes (detect no motion), then the lights off (cos the rules says 2 minutes no motion off lights)
  3. Manually turn on the light via alexa , without walking in front of the motion sensor
  4. After 2 minutes, the light does not off. - which it is suppose to turn off if the motion sensor constantly and actively detecting NO MOTION.



Thanks for the detailed feedback Jon. Even if I have an android device, it’s nice to know what is working and what is not on Sg server. I have a few questions for you:

  • Till now, I though that initialize was a problem only in android devices. So, you can not enter the gateway menu and add sensors as child devices. Did you have any problems to add them from the main “add devices” menu of Mi Home app?
  • Do you have only Mijia branded sensors and devices? If you also have Aqara branded sensors and devices it would be nice to know if they work on Sg server. i have some Aqara branded wall switches and doors sensors.
  • Do you have any philips bulbs? Most of my bulbs are from yeelight and I have only one philips bulb that I will probably replace it with a v2 yeelight bulb.

  • No problem in adding them from the main “add devices” menu from the mi Home App. Initiliazing issue only happen to the Gateway/Control Hub. It feels like they are still rolling out the services. I am assuming if they let access to the gateway interfaces, they need to enable the entire ecosystem.

  • All of them are Mi Home branded sensors and devices. I am not sure if we can add any Aqara branded Body sensors etc. I don’t have them to test out. I would think if the devices are not listed in the Mi Home Add Devices screen, we cannot add anything. I know Aqara and Mi Home have some overlapping devices, maybe those works - again, i don’t have them to test out myself.

  • All of my lights are yeelight bulbs. It should not matter if it is yeelight bulb or the philips one. As long as MiHome supports it, all these devices should be able to interact with each other.


Are you talking about this gateway?

Mi Control Hub (3rd generation Xiaomi gateway)


Nope, the one I purchased is the generation before. V2. - which is widely available now.

The one you are referring to is the v3 (i think), at this date of posting I am only seeing it in Hong Kong store. Can’t find anything of it from Malaysia. Nor aliexpress.