Mi gateway on Singapore server


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There was absolutely no need to move the yeelights. To Hass it is the same, the lights are controlled via LAN.[/quote]
Sure, I’m actually have some Bulbs still on Singapore (awaiting reset), and I’m able to control them via HA, but if you leave them on Singapore, you cannot interact with Mi Home app and the Gateway. As I wrote, my goal was command the lights via Google Home but at the same time using the gateway and its sensors to, e.g. switch on the light with motion sensor.
Guys, use Raspbian (or at least hass.io). I prefered HA on Raspian because I can use the OS also for other things than only HA.


I understand you but still :slight_smile:
I added my yeelights and my Gateway V2 to Home Assistant. The Gateway supports Lan Communication Protocol and I use all sensors (Motion, Temp, Door) and buttons with home assistant. Everything works with auto discovery out of the box. So it doesnt matter what server the gateway or yeelights are on.
Implementing the automations is not that easy but once you understand it, it is no problem at all.
For voice control I use Alexa but there is for sure a component for Google, too.


I don’t understand: how do you use alexa with hass?
Ylalexa will send a “signal” trough hass to the bulbs without having the bulbs connected to the internet?

In my configuration the yeelight are on us server.


To be honest I never tried that. I never resticted Yeelights internet access because I still use the app from time to time.
But from my understanding it should be enough to have the bulbs in your network (no internet). You dont need the yeelight skill, which communicates with the server in order to turn on/off your light.
What I know 100% is that automations work without internet access. You can use your buttons and so on if your internet is down or if there are server problems etc.
I had problems for 2 days with my connection since I set everything up and I was quite happy that my lights were still working :smiley:

Keep in mind that home-assistant plans to charge money for their alexa skill. You can still use Alexa with hass for free though, but it is quite some work to set it up. Right now its still free.


there was an update for the gateway 1-2days ago. wondering if you’ve tried your luck before or after the gateway update?


Unfortunately after. My gateway is now on FW ver: 1.4.1_153


OpenHAB is logical if you have some scripting skills. It takes some time to configure, but then it works very stable.


I definitely have scripting skills, but I’m too lazy to read a ton of documentation and script on Linux via PuTTY from vi editor, I’m too used to GUI :slight_smile:


You can run it on windows or a NAS as well, so you don’t need Putty. Every Texteditor can edit the configfiles, I use Dreamweaver. If you want to use a UI for OpenHAB, look for Paper UI, the main functions are covered by this UI.


i am running my openhab on my nas.

you can’t create all the rules needed through UI and i haven’t managed to create rules via files yet.
i am using some rules using the engine it has through the UI but it is also a bit limited. for example… you can’t set events on xiaomi wireless switch press.

there are a lot of things that i hate about openhab but i still believe that it is better than hass when it comes to working with different platforms


I have it working in Paper UI, but I can’t understand how to make a habpanel and how it links to elements in paperUI, what the hell is sitemap and why it is needed at all when paper UI autodiscovered everything so beautifully :slight_smile:


thats not correct, you can create rules for the xiaomi wireless switches with the UI (already did did this). You need Paper UI and the rule engine, you can choose between SHORT_PRESSED, DOUBLE_PRESSED, LONG_PRESSED and LONG_RELEASED.


I dind’t undestand habpanel as well and am now using the basic UI. If you use PaperUI you don’t need a Sitemap. :wink:
The Basic UI is working with sitemaps and needs some scripting, a very powerful tool.


… you can?
maybe i am blind. i will have to check it out next time that i will get my hands on.

since you know about this… do you by any chance have any idea if we can control sonoff with openhab without custom firmware? i have connected my sonoff to my water heater and at the moment i have a xiaomi wireless switch which sends a notification to my phone, then with tasker i am catching that notification (it doesn’t always work) and then tasker calls an IFTTT applet for eWeLink. as you understand it’s a mess :smiley:


the latest is 1.4.1_154.0143
you might want to give it another go after updating :innocent:


Yes, it works with Paper UI, I would send you a screenshot of my configuration in Paper UI, but i am now working without UI, its more flexible. I cant’t help you with sonoff, but probaply someone of the OpenHAB community can (https://community.openhab.org/).

I did a similar workaround with the Yeelight Candela, but the Yeelight addon for Tasker does not work stable with the Candela, BLE problems.


Guys don’t you think that this topic is already confusing and overloaded ? it’s good for all to know that there are alternative solutions, but those details for openhub, hassio etc are completely off topic and don’t help people that are waiting for “Mi gateway support on Singapore Server”


Personally I homebridge with my gateway and Yeelight devices. I can use the gateway security alarm functions in homekit with homebridge-mi-gateway-security plugin


Soranamida…subscribe Spotify and use it with google mini. So cool…


you are right! :wink:

back to topic: Are the Aqara switches and sensors supported with the gateway on singapore server? I can only see the normal switches and sensors.