Mi gateway on Singapore server


lol@fox logo…its the alphabet “MJ” which stands for Mijia


They’re selling the Mi Control Hub on Hong Kong Xiaomi website. It seems to be the third version of the Xiaomi gateway. I can’t seem to get my gateway to setup on Singapore server. However it works on Hong Kong and China server/


I have a bedside lamp V2 with BLE gateway and and lightstrip, both are working fine with singapore server and alexa.
I have a temperature sensor with display, is there a solution for this ? Singapore server or a other server with alexa ?
Have tried much, but no luck.


there is a new version of the gateway?
i thought it looked different. does it have bluetooth for BLE mesh and sensors?


From the specification on HK Mi store, there is no Bluetooth… :neutral_face:


The model number is the same as version 2


Maybe it’s just some cosmetic changes updating the logo to Mijia.


Yes, I am getting the initialise error message consistently. I tried adding my gateway (“MJ”/fox logo in front) using the “Gateway” or the “MI Control Hub” (both show up now on the China server), and it adds successfully, but it won’t initialise. I can trigger the switch/button (which switches on the radio) from the app but nothing else works. It looks like they’re making progress, but slowly. Here’s hoping they keep going until it all works.


Same here… Mine is on Singapore server. I sometimes get the error message… Sometimes it open… The automation rules works… Just have to wait for them to fix the error… But… there are still some device I have with the “other” label that I can’t add… :sweat:


You can set up V2 gateway via ‘Mi control Hub’.


So just to confirm you are able to have both gateway, gateway’s addons (e.g. buttons, temperature sensors etc) and Yeelight products on Singapore server? If so, from my understanding everything works but the gateway “page” struggles to open because sometimes you get error messages?

If so, then today I am switching everything (I have 2 bulbs, 3 strips, 5 switches, 2 temperature sensors, 4 smart sockets, 3 windows/doors sensors, the robot cleaner and a security camera) from chinese server to singapore one in order to enable control of Yeelight lights through Google Assistant :slight_smile:


I would like to know the same. I have 15 Yeelight devices (Strips, Bulbs and Ceiling lights), all of them in Singapore server and they work perfect with Google Home. I purchased the Xiaomi gateway with some sensors and currently are on the way. My goal is integrate everything using Singapore. Is this a dream? :slight_smile:


I only tried v2 gateway with the door sensor on the Singapore server. Set one automation rules to trigger the gateway light to turn on for 10s and then off when the door sensor open. So far the rules works. But most of the time, the gateway “page” will fail to load. Not sure if other device “page” will fail to load a not… But the door sensor “page” seem to load fine this few days. Initially, both gateway and door sensor “page” fail to load most of th time.

Hope that Xiaomi will resolve the issue soon.


Same here… But I’m using Alexa. But might play around with other AI speaker… Maybe I should try the Xiaomi AI speaker… They just release a mini version…


Xiaomi smart speakers and the recently announced AI Assistant work only with Chinese language. So, if you don’t speak Chinese don’t buy it.


I have 4x Yeelight RGB Bulb, 2x Yeelight LED Strip, Gateway, 4x Xiaomi Button, Humidity and temperature sensor, Door sensor, motion sensor and smoke detector in my room, set on the Singapore server and everything works just fine for me for more than 2 weeks. Using Google Home too.


Thank you for confirmatiion. I should receive the gateway and sensors next week, I’ll report the progress here in this thread. May I ask what you did for setting up everything on Mi Home? Any special action?


Beware that Aqara products are still not in the list.


You mean this one?
Damn! I got 2 of these, maybe was beter to choose the other model!!


Unfortunately yes. This included. Thats why i said beware because most of us that have many sensors have a couple of aqara between them (i have two aqara buttons betweem 20 sensors and for those 2 buttons i hesitate to revert to Singapore yet)