Mi app translate


Any chance to translate the chinese?
Im trying to add new scene to ceiling light but can’t understand what to choose


What language do you need?




ok, we will look into it.


by the way, what server should I use?


If you want to use Automation, select Mainland China server.

If you want to control your devices with Alexa, google home or ifttt, select Singapore server or US server.


Here are my options, don’t see china server. Is it the first or last one?


this is china server



As I wrote, I’m trying to add task (get up), I set the light to sunrise . Can I set an automatic hour to turn on automatically?
Or how do I schedule to a specific mode like sunrise?


Try to use Yeelight app. You can setup schedule with specific scene.


Thanks, that is what I was looking. I forgot I used the Yeelight bulb with this app.
too bad Mi app doesn’t perform well as Yeelight app. the UI is better in Mi app


If I want to change server do I need to disconnect the light from the previous server?
I’m trying to switch from China server to Singapore/USA but can’t find the light in app


Yes, you need to reset your light and reconnect it to the new server.


You can make screenshots and translate it with google translate app. Works in most cases