Long pairing process to Yeelight, if WiFi is switched off every night?

I’m waiting for my Xiaomi Yeelight E27 Smart LED Bulb to arrive.
One question I have: My wife likes to switch the WiFi off at night time, as the router lits up our bedroom (yes, I wish the fibre box had been installed in a different room).
What happens if I switch WiFi off and want to control the Yeelight, when I switch WiFi on again? Is there a long pairing process?

No, the bulb will reconnect to the router very quickly.

It will probably take your wifi router longer to boot up :slight_smile:
Can’t put some tape over the lights?

is there a way to run google asisntant and yeelight locally?

the delay is just too great. no matter which way, it always takes longer than 5 sec to make anything happen…

which server did you use? we currently has US and Singapore server support google assistant, you may try each to see which is faster for your location.

I was using us with us server, my google and ifttt doesn’t show up any of my device.

Now I have moved all bulbs to Singapore, it works fine.

One thing to note, how do I update my device list inside google home app (yeelight device) after I added new blub to yeelight app?, coz right now I have to unlink it which lost all my settings, and reline, so my new device will show up…