Lights not connected to Google Home

I have linked my yeelight account in google home.

I can see my 3 lights and they are assigned to a room.

When I say Turn on the lights, the Home says that it hasnt been setup yet.

I have tried un linking and re linking but nothing has worked.

Could you sync devices successful?
You can tell me your xiaomi ID, i can help you check it!

Im not sure what you mean by sync, but I have the yeelight app with all the lights in it and I can turn them on/off.

  • When adding the yeelight account to the Home, it always comes up with a message saying it was unsuccessful, but when I fresher the Google home app its added.

I have messaged you my ID.

OK, i have received.
Please re-link Yeelight actions on Googl Home App. If you find the error page, please send me the screenshot.