LED Ceiling Light 2 clients

So, got LED Ceiling Light and trying to use yeelight android app to control it.
Setup app, use for now China server.
Did a reset(5 times on-off) and now I can connect to it with my phone and control it. Upgraded app & LED Ceiling Light to the latest versions.
Now I want to connect to the LED Ceiling Light with my girlfriend’s tablet. So she has got her own account(via facebook) in yeelight android app, China server. But it can’t find device.
When I do a reset, I can connect with tablet, but then I can’t connect with my phone.
So, how can I connect & control LED Ceiling Light from 2 different device & different yeelight profiles ?
In the FAQ:
“11.Can this light connect to two or above smart phones?
A:Yes. This light supports sharing and can connect to several smart phones. There’s no limitation of the number.”
So how can I do this ?

Two ways to share the device with family members:

  1. Download MiHome app and share the device through it.
  2. Use the same account to login on different clients.

Yeelight App will support device sharing in next update, sorry for the inconvenience.

OK, thank you.
Do you have ETA when next update will be released ?

1 or 2 months, since it’s a major update.