Just for clarification about regional compatibility

I purchased two of the color LED Yeelight smart lights from TouchOfModern.com. But in the description it stated full Alexa and IFTTT features and uses 120v. But while reading through the forum, I come across many different things and now I am confused. I currently live in the USA. Will the color LED bulbs I purchased be any good? Will I be able to integrate IFTTT with them? Or is this still only limited to Singapore?
I really hope I didn’t just waste my money…lol

You can definitely use it in USA, we have launched to US market yet with supported voltage.

You can download Yeelight app to connect the bulb to cloud, there are two cloud server by now: Singapore and China mainland. Only Singapore server supports Alexa and IFTTT service, so I suggest you select Singapore locale to login, then you are able to integrate IFTTT with them.

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Okay great. That’s a big relief. Thanks for clarifying :slight_smile: