Issue setting my night color Light bulb

I just got my new Yeelight color bulb and I’m having a hard time trying to set it up. It blinks rapidly on white and then cicles through them colors and then the same thing again. It appears on the wifi list while it is displaying colora but there isn’t enough time to connect before it disappears from the wifi…
I did the set up with a white bulb a few weeks back and it worked out just fine, so i dont think im doing anything wrong.

I tried to uplod a video but i couldnt

What’s your power voltage?

What power voltage do you have? Could you check if it is the same with that of the bulb?

The power voltage is 127v however it is the same powerline i used to set the yeelight white bulb up…

127v. Same voltage the white bulb is working perfectly fine

The white bulb can support 110v voltage with a degraded lights, however, the color bulb can’t function properly under 110v…

I see… alright! Thanks for your reply!

So I have bought a voltage transformer and I am still having the same issue with my yeelight color bulb… any ideas what might be causing it?

What do you mean by having the same issue? Is the bulb still blinking? Or do you have other troubles that stop you from setting the bulb?

Yep… it is still flashing rapidly on the white color and then, when it cycles through other colors, it appears on the wifi list until it flashes on white again, disappearing from the wifi list. So it doesn’t have time to finish the configuration before it turns off the wifi once I connect it to my iPhone.

Could you make sure your voltage transformer’s output is 220v 60Hz ?

yes. if only I could attach a video so you would be able to see for yourself what’s happening

According to your description, seems your bulb still keep rebooting. Please double check the ACTUAL output voltage of your transformer.

Here’s what’s happening now:

It blinks 4 times at white (not as fast as before), then cycles through the colors and repeat.

It says impossible to connect with yeelight_color wifi, however it will connect if I click on the yeelight_color wifi while it displays the colors, but it gets stuck at 25%.

Also, this happened, as shown in the image

What’s the normal thing to happen once I turn it on the first time ever? Before I set everything up? I mean, what color should it display?

When you bulb keep rebooting, there will be no way you can set it up.

Please double check the ACTUAL output voltage of your transformer.

It is
220-230v… measured this afternoon with a Voltmeter and it kept switching colors.

Can you take a video and show me?

It says the file is not compatible. How do I upload a video?

Youtube? Or any other video website that I can access.