Is the "Xiaomi Philips Smart Led Ball Lamp" compatible

Just saw this lamp pop up in some stores (example)
Is it compatible with Yeelight?


Why?? It’s xiaomi isn’t it? Or it’s philips… kind of confused here

Xiaomi has built up a smart home eco-system that allow products from different manufactures interact with each other on that platform.

Basically, that bulb is philips. But we are Yeelight.

The question is, does it have development mode and whether it can be controlled using an open api like yeelihght lamps.
If so, I would consider buying a few.

As far as I know, they don’t have any open API.

I’m also considering getting one. On geekbuying they cost like $12

How to reset this lamp??? HELP!

something like quickly on and off 5 times in 5 seconds

It says at the seller that it works with MiHome app?

but not Yeelight app?