Is it possible to IFTT location services trigger to work for two people in the same house

Now here is the thing. I have IFTT installed on my phone and so does my wife.

Is it possible to IFTT for the following applet - Trigger light scene when you enter the area specified.
For example for the following conditions how can I make it happen

1= Lights are on. If I leave the house and wife is at home= light stays on.
2= Lights are on - If I leave the house and wife leave’s the house = Lights turn off.
3= Light are on - If wife leaves the house and I am in the house= Light stays on,
4= Lights are on - If wife is away and I leave the house= Lights turn off
4= lights are off= If wife is away and I enter the house = lights turn on
5= lights are off = If i am away and wife enters the house = ;light turns on
6= Light are on = If both are away = light turns off
7= Light ares off = if both enter the house = Light turns on.

can anyone let me know how to set this up for two users with the location services with IFTT with yeelight for the same house.

Hey guys some help for above

IFTTT has only 1 Action and 1 Trigger… you cannot have multiple trigger.
Instead of using location, you can also use wifi… once you at the door or nearby your wifi, it will turn on/off.
If IFTTT can have multiple trigger, then I would able to do this:
If any one of the family members that enters the house at specific time (7pm-7am), it will turn the light ON. If all of the members is not around it will not turn ON.
The only better way I believe is to get the xiaomi home automation kit where you can have the human sensor to sense your present. Is more direct approach.