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Can you add a way for using static IP Adresses with Yeelights? I really love the Yeelights and not having to use a Gateway is really good. But the Dhcp of the light strip is causing problems. Every few days the Strip or bulbs will begin to lose Connection to Amazon Alexa. I checked the IP and that always changed by then. I tried to set up static IP from Router site, but does not work well.

Happens to Bulbs as well as Yeelight Strips.

It would be great, when it would be possible to set the IP Address as static from the Yeelight App.

Also I would really love to see a Wifi Version for the Bedside Lamp. The Lamp itself is great and I love it. But the Bluetooth Connection is failing almost daily, and every Time must completly unplug, before it will connect again with Yeelight App.

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What’s problem when you tried to set up static ip from router?

If it doesn’t work, that’s a bug. What we should do is fix that bug, instead of develop a feature like you said.

this can be done… administrate it from the router menu, select by mac address and set dhcp lease to maximum no need to renew

I also got some problem time by time; the Light need 4-5 seconds to turn On but after a couple of time the speed became stable (less then 1second). I will try this solution also - maybe can fix my issue.

No this is NOT solution; I have all bulbs on static IP and it is behaving the same. The solution is to implement PROPER LAN control!

We are working on it.

I am having a similar issue. I’ve setup static ips from the router. But I’ve soon found out that one of the rgbw lights changes into a new mac address and then the router assigns a different ip address to the same light. I am using the lights with home assistant and having issues there. Because home assistany setup requires static ips. The yeelight app has no problem as it also discovers the new ip address after a time. The best fix will be the ability of the lights taking a static ip. Or fixing so that the lights don’t change mac address.
Also the mac change might be a problem with the router.

The bulb changed into a new mac address? Seriously? That’s weird!

This might also be a issue of router detecting false mac address, but I am not sure. The light gets a new ip address regardless, associated with a new mac address.

I have just confirmed that the bulb will never change mac address. Please double check and let us know.

IMO, proper solution would be setting up DHCP on a router.

I tried to recreate the issue with no luck.
I’ve assigned a fixed ip to the invalid mac address and it seems that the bulb does not change to that anymore. With your information, it might have been a issue with the router itself.

thank you.

mac address is the equipment physical address and it can never change it is unique on any networked equipment

yeah if the item has more than one network interface it can have more than one mac address. That is what I was suspecting.