Invitation for iOS Yeelight beta


Add me please to the iOS Yeelight 3.0 beta testing:




hi. my email is


I want to colaborate as a beta tester :wink:


Ready for sale now, please download from App Store.


Hi, I’m looking for the share device option on the android app and it was suggested that I come here and sign up for beta version for android.
I don’t want to post the email publicly and I can’t seem to find the pm button so if it is possible can you pm me and I will reply to it.


It’s already available on App store.


Found the option, thanks.


I would love to be a beta tester!


Already officially published.


Please add me


Hi guys, thanks for your job, i wish you will add flash mode on notifications, i really want to try your new beta version.

Xiaomi account :