Integration with Amazon Alexa


I used to be able to control the Yeelight (ceiling light) with Alexa by saying “Alexa, switch on the light”. Recently I am unable to do so. Alexa will reply “Sorry, I didn’t find the device light”.

Tried creating a group call “Bedroom” and included Yeelight in this group. Try saying “Alexa, switch on the bedroom light” and Alexa will reply “Sorry, I didn’t find the device bedroom light”. Please advise what have I done wrong?

Thanks and regards

If anyone can answer my question that will be helpful to me.Does alexa need any account? If needed then please tell me that can I connect it with my Yahoo mail? If you guys help me then I don’t have to take help from Yahoo Support. Otherwise I have to pay for this small thing.

Please ask Alexa to discover devices firstly.

You need an Amazon account, which I guess you should already have.

Hi Weiwei,

I have already done that. I have even disable the skill and re-enable it. Still the same problem.

Please check you have connected your lights to none-China servers.
Please make sure you can see your lights in Yeelight app.
Then ask Alexa to discover devices.

I have checked and it is connected to the Singapore server. I am able to control the light with the Yeelight app from my mobile phone. Alexa is able to discover it but still having the same problem.

Please try to rename the lights to “bedroom light” and see whether it is OK.

Have renamed the group to “bedroom light” and also create a new group “light” for testing. Apparently, all these does not work.
I also removed the skill from Alexa and recreate it, still not working.

Please provide your xiaomi ID, we will take a look.

My id is 460207786.


please give us your amazon account and we will add you to test skill.

have you received my wechat and whatsapps id?

can you please advise if there is any solution for my issue?


please advise.


its already been more than 1 week since your last response. is this a problem with your product that cannot be resolved? at least some response instead of keeping quiet.

@luhaobo @yusure could you take a look at this issue?

Can you add me to the test skill as well? I’ve already email you guys but haven’t received an answer. My amazon account is

Hi. Sent an invitation to you email and please accept it.