Integration with Alexa - Controling all lights

I just bought an Amazon Echo dot and added the Yeelight support to it. I can see all the light and control them but one thing that isn’t working and exists in Google home is the option to control all the lights at the same command (turn on/off all lights). In google home it’s working but not in Alexa. Any reason for that? Is there any different command?

What alexa’s response if you say “Alexa, turn off all lights”?
Another way is to group all lights together and give a reasonable name.

Alexa replaying " I didn’t find all light". Google assistant works way better controlling everything. I also have 2 lights in the Kitchen and I called them “Kitchen 1” and “Kitchen 2”. In google I was able the define rooms so if I’m saying “turn on/off the lights in the Kitchen” it will work for both of them. When I’m asking Alexa to turn the light in the Kitchen it’s asking me which one…in other words with Alexa I can only control one light at a time which is frustrating especially when I go to sleep and want to turn off all the lights (and I have 7 lights of your company).
I also defined a group in your app but that didn’t help either. I tried to control the light both via “Mi Home” skill and “Yeelight” and nothing…

If you set up groups in Alexa it will work just fine.

I have a group called “Kitchen” and “Alexa turn on the Kitchen Lights” all the lights come on. While “Alexa turn on Kitchen Lamp” will only turn on the lamp.

I also have a group called “Light” and “Lights” for good measure which means “Alexa lights on” turns on everything. As does, “Alexa let there be light” :stuck_out_tongue:

You can also set up routines so that any phrase will turn on whatever combination of lights you want. I don’t think this is a Yeelight issue, you need to research how to set up the lights within the Alexa app and make them work for you. It’s currently much more flexible, if maybe slightly less intelligent, than Google.

If you want to use the specific phrase “turn off all the lights” you will need to set it up as a routine, or set up a group called “all the lights”.

Just found that out by myself. Thanks Anyway.