Integrate Yeelight with "Sleep as Android"

The alarm app “Sleep as Android” ( has Phililps Hue integration for “gentle wakeup”. I’d like to see Yeelight get in on the action too!

PS I saw others wishing for it too:

I am using this app with my Yeelights. You can connect SAA and Yeelight with IFTTT. Then is just like any other ifttt rule. Using a command you tell your lights what to do.

That’s good to know, but still it would be much more user friendly to not have this extra step.

BTW, how would you set it up so you get Yeelight sunrise before a SAA morning alarm?

You set trigger smart alarm that triggers 45 minutes before smart wakeup. I found it’s a little early so I made my custom sunrise which is starting to turn on after 40 minutes. The result is that sunrise turns the lights on 5 minutes before smart alarm starts.

Hope this is still active!

So, what you did was use the “smart alarm” trigger (which starts 45 min before), and then for the action you just said “wait 40 minutes and then turn on sunrise” - is that right?