IFTTT Yeelight scene no options found

Hi, this is my first post here. I love the product in its entirety. But i have an issue with IFTTT. I’ve successfully installed my ceiling light, connected it to IFTTT service to use with goggle assistant. Dimming and toggling works perfectly using IFTTT, but when i choose the set scene menu in IFTTT it shows no options found. I’ve set a scene in the yeelight app and it works when i toggle it in the app. In IFTTT it doesn’t show any options. Any idea why that happens? And how to fix it?

Kind regards

Everything works fine from my device.
Scenes that you can select from IFTTT are saved by Yeelight application by Favorite or Scene bundle, which type did you set from the app. Could you post the steps you set scene from IFTTT, I will take a look?