IFTTT options

Is there a way to do BLINK thru IFTTT ? something like toggle off/on for X times.

sorry, we are not supporting it for the present.

Tnx for the answer
Love your products

This is now working with ifttt.
The app scenes have been updated to allow blinking and then it returns
To its original state. Just go into ifttt and select the notification scene.

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Just like @Tom1221has mentioned. We have published Flash Notify scene, which will blink for three times and return to original state, you can setup your own IFTTT applet with that scene.

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Where can i find the scene?
It’s not yet in the applet of ‘seta light scene when you enter area’

It’s in Yeelight app.

Can I set a color for the flashing?

Not so far.

Is this a planned feature? I would be very cool to have different colors for differect notifications!

If not, can I submit this feature somewhere?

Already planned, new Yeelight app will let user “program” light effects.

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IFTTT new update now allows notifications to trigger actions, like Flash notify. Any estimate when new firmware will be ready since Flash notify is broken at the moment?