IFTTT for other servers?

Hi, I am planning to buy Xiaomi Gateway starter kit which works using Zigbee.
I have yeelights and plan to buy more.
However, I am facing a problem which is when I register my yeelight on Yeelight app using Sg servers, I can’t register again in China server.
All my wifi plug and other xiaomi devices must be in China Server.
Thus, I can’t use the automation function integrated into MiHome App.
Any solution for this problem?

i have the same issue and it’s very frustrating. however i believe it’s something that xiaomi side screwed up (or ignorant to it).

You should logout and re-login and then reset your devices and re-connect it again.

I think you misunderstood me.
For MiHome App, only a handful of devices can be added if I am in Singapore server.
I have to choose China server in order to pair with my other Xiao Mi devices, but if I do so, YeeLight will not be in my MiHome App because I need the lights to be in Singapore server for IFTTT.

For example,

I don’t have Mi WiFi plug in Singapore server, but it exists in China Server.

yes, precisely the problem i’m having as well. frustrating as hell :grinning:
so the end result is we have devices on both CN & SG servers and home automation is crippled/nerfed because can only automate some devices on the “correct” server. xiaomi, wake up!!

That’s exactly where we are.

When you choose non-mainland china server in MiHome, only those products that have been officially published in international market will be shown, thus you can’t connect any other kind of product that not listed there, unless you have other app that could help you to connect, just like Yeelight app for Yeelight products.

I guess I need to figure out how to leave IFTTT for yeelight.
One of the biggest problem is I am using Google Home/Google Assistant to voice control yeelight through Tasker/Autovoice/IFTTT/JOIN to do that.
If I have to give up on that, I need to figure out how to do voice control.
Or may be you have better idea?

Why not Alexa?

I am from Malaysia, Alexa is still not a good option for me now as it is still not available.