Idea for a switch

Hello, I have an idea to create a switch like the Philips Hue Swtich or Tap that can be customizable buttons via Yeelight App. The thing is that this switch will work with Zigbee and we will have to buy a Bridge that conneced to a router will send the Signal to the bulb on LAN. Appart fron this, the bridge will work to connect the Bedside Lamp to Wifi and can Create Scenes and contoll it with the Switches.

What do you think?

There is the Xiaomi Bridge which exactly does this. with several switches and buttons.

The problem is that it needs miHome instead of Yeelight app… and also we don’t need the bridge… it would be much simpler and better to have a completely wi-fi switch which would communicate directly to the bulb via wifi…

Take a look at this:

Already saw this… seems interesting but needs Amazon Prime… ownder whether it works with Prime trial, and if they ship to Europe… probably but the cost is huge.

Once you have the dash button you don’t need a prime account to use it. You only need a prime account to buy the button. This means that you can use your trial and will receive the full payment off your next order making it free (within trial period). Or you could buy from eBay. Will still work without prime membership. I have mine set up in the uk with no prime membership and is working just as it should.

Good to know. I just need to find someone that ships to Europe at normal rates :slight_smile: Thanx

What country are you in?

Czech republic…

I think this all will change a bit, if the MiHome App can connect to other server than Chinese Mainland.

It will change, that you can connect your both to Singapore server (Google Home/Alexa available) and setup once your switches. you won’t need the MiHome anymore for anything.

You can do everything for the lights via YeeLight - but nether the less: Hopefully the main update will also implement in MiHome - then you will have 2 in 1.

Thought you were Greek like me all this time (or a Greek living at Czech republic maybe?)

For our subject, a wifi (and IFTTT enabled) switch would be great (as long as a bridge is no needed).
Even if Xiaomi switch worked in Singapore server, we are talking about a very simple switch without many functions. The wall switch has 2 buttons that you can assign a single click and a double click function to each one and the small round remote switch has only one button that you can assign single/double/long press. Not bad but not ideal for a smart light. I would like something with dedicated buttons for dimming, temp etc.

Anyway probably there are agreements between Xiaomi and Yeelight for this so i dont think it can be done.

What we are all have been waiting for and yeelight must press Xiaomi on this, is for Xiaomi to have its products (Gateway, sensors etc) in Singapore server.

maybe the ceiling light remote would work - well not the same - but kind of.

with a bigger ON/OFF button and funktions for dimming/color like the ceiling remote already has.

works great and does its job.

just a thought…

Serbian living in Czech :slight_smile:

Yes, it would be perfect but I don’t want to have a dedicated PC or Pi in order to read dte Dash. I already have a tablet dedicated to that (Android) and right now I’m looking for a way to read Dash press on a tablet. Seems there is Python script for this and there is Python for Android, but right now I can’t test as my phone is not rooted and I must wait until I get home and install Python on tablet (which is luckily rooted)…

Here is what it looks like: will ship to your country for free (with prime trail)

Just make sure ifttt is available in your country or you are able to set up a homebridge server (with raspberry pi) for a iOS device.

Hmm, nice find, I’ll give it a try. IFTTT is available, but I don’t want to use it, it is too slow, I am testing if software for recognition of Dash will work on Android… then I can send messages from Tasker directly to the bulb(s), which is instantaneous.

I get “Dieser Artikel kann nicht in die Tschechische Republik geliefert werden.” :frowning:

Another thing is that in the Candela (Kickstarter) page, you see that they will create a Ble Bridge to connect candela to IFTTT, Alexa,… This bridge could do the same with the Bedside Lamp.

I made softare in python that recognizes these and turns lights on/off by finding their status and toggling… the only problem is that android falls “asleep” and then it doesn’t work :slight_smile: