How to hard restart yeelight bulb (color) ?

Hi There,
I bought a yeelight bulb yesterday,
I tried to connect it as the instruction and works just fine.
However, after I turned off my wifi router (unintentionally), it keeps on asks me to refresh from the yeelight app.

So I tried to refresh.
Nothing works.

I decided to delete the device from yeelight app (delete, not forget device).
Then, I tried to start it all over again as the initial set up.

However… when I turned it on/off 5 times, it doesn’t stop blinking… (should be stop and turn white, right?)

I checked my wifi device connected.
And as expected… The smartlamp is still there as an unknown device. I was thinking there should be 2 options to solve this;

  1. Renew lease / forget device from my wifi router
  2. Hard restart from the device, so then it’ll be unconnected as if it’s new device

For option 1, I tried to access it from my wifi management system (I used TP Link and go to but it cannot renew lease). I am asking is it possible for me to do option 2??

(Please don’t ask me to switch on/off the lamp for 5 times, I did that but the lamp did not stop blinking until forever)

Please help me, guys.


Do you mean your bulb keeps blinking? If that’s the case, could you confirm that your power voltage is correct? If you purchase the bulb from, then your voltage should be 220v.

Hi, I’ve tried different voltage and it works! The blinking process went smoothly.
But when I want to Re-Link it the wifi lamp did not show up…

Which I assume the issue is because of what I posted before…

You need to make sure your power voltage matches the requirement of the bulb.

It is… the issue is the wifi name did not show up…

What do you mean the wifi name? The access point the bulb started?

When I want to start to connect process from the beginning, the lamp wifi did not shown on my phone (yeelight wifi)

Are you using iOS or Android?
Could you confirm you have reset the bulb successfully? Red, green, blue flow and then reboot to white.