Homebridge with Yeelight Bedside Lamp

I would like to know if is possible to connect the Yeelight Bedside Lamp with homebridge with a Raspberry Pi W that have Wifi for all my other products of Yeelight and BLE for the Bedside Lamp

Only Yeelight WiFi devices supported, not Yeelight Bedside Lamp, which is a BLE device.

More information please refer to http://forum.yeelight.com/t/homebridge-plugin/83.

But I could use the Gateway with the plugin homebridge-aqara and connect it to the Yeelight Bedside Lamp ?

I don’t think so. That bridge is for ZigBee devices.

Although I would like to see official support for YeeLight Bedside Lamp on homebridge using on board BLE of Raspberry Pi.

We will take a look at the BLE programming on Pi and see how to access the BLE API through nodejs.

Wow so cool, I have been waiting your answer.

Thanks a lot!

Check this out:

So cool, thank you very much, I will test it when I get home :slight_smile:

Everything works fine, thank you very much <3

I have a RaspBerry Pi Zero W with homebridge and i have a Bedside Lamp and a Desk LED Lamp. I don’t know how can i connect the devices, can you help me? Thank you