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对的 我在Home App内尝试添加灯泡但是始终找不到我的灯泡@weiwei

准确来说我的homebridge服务就没法在Home app上添加(无法找到)

希望能找到解决方法 :grinning:


你可以这样试验一下:停掉homebridge服务,然后清理 ~/.homebridge/accessory 和 ~/.homebridge/persistent 下面的文件。改一下~/.homebridge/config.json,把name对应的那个mac地址,随便改一位。然后重启服务。








i dont speak chinese but the amount of support you guys give is amazing, you will conquer the world.


Thanks for your words, we will do something better :grinning:


After working for a while, the Yeelight bulb is not responding. I have to re-run homebridge and most of the time the bulb is not discoverable when I run homebridge. Here’s what it looks like most of the time:

[2017-07-14 22:12:39] Loaded plugin: homebridge-http
[2017-07-14 22:12:39] Registering accessory ‘homebridge-http.Http’
[2017-07-14 22:12:39] —
failed to load BLE module!
[2017-07-14 22:12:39] Loaded plugin: homebridge-yeelight
[2017-07-14 22:12:39] Registering platform ‘homebridge-yeelight.yeelight’
[2017-07-14 22:12:39] —
[2017-07-14 22:12:39] Loaded config.json with 0 accessories and 1 platforms.
[2017-07-14 22:12:39] —
[2017-07-14 22:12:39] Loading 1 platforms…
[2017-07-14 22:12:39] [yeelight] Initializing yeelight platform…
[2017-07-14 22:12:39] [yeelight] YeePlatform Init
Scan this code with your HomeKit App on your iOS device to pair with Homebridge:

│ 031-45-154 │

[2017-07-14 22:12:39] [yeelight] DidFinishLaunching
no ble cap, skip ble device discovery
[2017-07-14 22:12:39] Homebridge is running on port 51826.
add to multicast group
listen on
no did or loc found!

I have to turn the Dev Mode off and on again many times and if I’m lucky, it’s discoverable (then disconnected again after a while).
Any idea how to fix this?


What’s your router? If it’s openwrt based system, you need to turn off one IGMP related option.


Mine is Huawei HG8045A. And IGMP is off


Enable IGMP and try again please.


I turned on IGMP and still got the same error. Any specific configuration needed for IGMP setting? Nonetheless, I tried using “Yeti - smart home automation” which was using dev mode on the LED bulb to control it, and it worked fine. I also tested the demo .exe on yeelight website and it worked too.

There was also an accessoriescache file in the HOME.homebridge\accesories folder. I deleted it by (purposeful xD) mistake and now homebridge can’t even find the bulb anymore (it used to and Siri could control the bulb back then).


I looked into the index.js and found this:

// updateReachability seems have bug, but remove the accessory will cause // the name of the light gone, leave the user to decide...

Could it be that my problem exists because I turned off developer mode while Homebridge was retrying to reconnect to the bulb (after working fine for like 15 mins)? After that, I couldn’t turn the developer mode back on (the app said “save unsuccessful”) and I had to restart the Yeelight app on iOS (or re-add the bulb I don’t remember). Now I can’t even connect the bulb to the Bridge, it can’t find the bulb.

FYI it was working with Homebridge without IGMP turned on, the connection is just a bit unstable (but if I had left it that way, it might had worked again).


Any ideas what could the problem be? Please?






两个灯泡都打开极客模式了吗? 确认都打开了,把那个找不到的短电再通电试试


I got the bulb to work again. But it keeps showing “No response” in the Home app after a while even though homebridge shows that the bulb is still connected to homebridge.


Is this plugin always using the music mode? Because I have a home assistant and homebridge setup at the same raspberry pi and having issues. At home assistant I can disable the music mod. Is it possible with homebridge plugin too?

Thank you.


我的设备是yeelight台灯,在mac安装了homebridge和yeelight插件之后,在iOS Home app中是可以正常使用的。

当我用树莓派3安装homebridge之后,iOS Home app可以发现homebridge,能够正常添加。但是当安装yeelight插件
之后,Home app无法找到任何设备,是什么原因呢?