Homebridge plugin




Thanks again for the quick respone. WeiWei.

New version works great. (now I don’t have to mod code manually).
Can’t wait for 110V version of color to release soon now. :slight_smile:




how to turn on dev mode?
Using iOS app


这个只在第一次添加设备的时候有效。只要添加过,设备就会被缓存到文件系统,下次就不会显示。你可以这样试验一下:停掉homebridge服务,然后清理 ~/.homebridge/accessory 和 ~/.homebridge/persistent 下面的文件。


请教下,我用的树莓派,aqara的测试ok, yeelight的怎么都弄不好,不知道哪里需要特殊设置
另外我的配置文件这样写的 不知道有没有问题,请帮我看看。
“bridge”: {
“name”: “YeeBridge”,
“username”: “F0:B4:29:B7:B5:E5”,
“port”: 51825,
“pin”: “031-45-150”

"platforms": [
        "platform" : "yeelight",
        "name" : "yeelight"






Please search and download “Yeelight” application. We didn’t put that option in MiHome application.


Thanks for your immediately prompt



In English, could you guys really develop the yeelight app on the iOS compatible with HomeKit, which will help users avoid a lot of trails and fails.



Current products can’t support Homekit directly and officially because there is no MFi authentication chip equipped. We are developing Homekit version, so please stay tuned :slight_smile:


Thanks for your fast reply! I gonna try other not-lamp product to relieve my need for apple home supporting devices. Expect to enjoy the new Yeelight product as soon as possible~


如果你的 RPi + Aqara 執行正常,表示 Homebridge 正常。要加入 Yeelight,只要加入第二段即可,第一段的 Bridge 部份應該是不用加的。




刚刚已经更新,这个问题是上次修复“=》”函数时候带入的,不好意思。请用npm install -g homebridge-yeelight下载最新的插件。




Hi, if I type in terminal “sudo systemctl status homebridge.service -l” then this is the response " Nov 11 09:41:17 raspberrypi homebridge[9378]: already in device list!
Nov 11 09:41:20 raspberrypi homebridge[9378]: already in device list!
Nov 11 09:41:23 raspberrypi homebridge[9378]: already in device list!"
Before Installation of the plugin all was ok… Where could be the issue?



I have my new yeelights being shipped at the moment.
I have already set up my raspberry. I also have a xiaomi gateway coming.
Is it ok if I create a json file like this?

“bridge”: {
“name”: “Homebridge”,
“username”: “CC:22:3D:E3:CE:30”,
“port”: 51826,
“pin”: “987-65-432”
“platforms”: [
“platform”: “AqaraPlatform”,
“sid”: [“6409802da3b3”, “f0b4299a5b2b”, “f0b4299a77dd”],
“password”: [“02i44k56zrgg578b”, “g250s2vtne8q9qhv”, “syu3oasva3uqd5qd”]

“bridge”: {
“name”: “YeeBridge”,
“username”: “18:00:27:40:BC:1B”,
“port”: 51825,
“pin”: “031-45-154”

"platforms": [
        "platform" : "yeelight",
        "name" : "yeelight"



It’s just some normal logging of the plugin. If that bothers you, you can search “yee.js” and “index.js” installed by this plugin and edited it manually, remove all the “console.log” or “this.log” function call.


I think you only have to install the corresponding plugin (npm install -g homebridge-yeelight) and then restart homebridge service, this configuration file is not mandatory per my understanding. If you met some trouble, then you can post it here and we will take a look.