Homebridge plugin


you can name it in iOS home app.


Thank you.


Hi everybody,

From time to time (once in 2 days for e.g.) I get an error in Homebridge.
Could somebody tell what is it and how to resolve it.

[2017-9-28 20:32:43] [yeelight] accesseory unreachable
[2017-9-28 20:32:43] [yeelight] dev disconnected 0x00000000036d1eb9 false
closed the socket and retry
failed to connect!
[2017-9-28 20:32:43] [yeelight] accesseory unreachable
[2017-9-28 20:32:43] [yeelight] dev disconnected 0x00000000036d1eb9 false

TypeError: Cannot read property 'setNoDelay' of null
    at Socket.<anonymous> (c:\Users\Buka\AppData\Roaming\npm\node_modules\homebridge-yeelight\lib\yee.js:81:40)
    at Object.onceWrapper (events.js:314:30)
    at emitNone (events.js:110:20)
    at Socket.emit (events.js:207:7)
    at TCPConnectWrap.afterConnect [as oncomplete] (net.js:1161:10)

Also in log I see such thing

already in device list!
closed the socket and retry
failed to connect!
[2017-9-28 20:58:38] [yeelight] accesseory unreachable
[2017-9-28 20:58:38] [yeelight] dev disconnected 0x00000000035ec860 false
retry connect (0) ...: 0x00000000035ec860
connect ok!
[2017-9-28 20:58:42] [yeelight] accesseory reachable
[2017-9-28 20:58:42] [yeelight] dev connected 0x00000000035ec860 true
already in device list!
0x00000000035ec860 property change: power value: 1
[2017-9-28 20:58:45] [yeelight] update accessory prop: powervalue: 1
send hb to: 0x0000000003622ddf
send hb to: 0x00000000035ec885
send hb to: 0x00000000036d1eb9


Stopped running today to me :frowning:



I have been trying for a few days to make a Yeelight strip to work… but no such luck.

I’m probably stupid…

Can anybody make a video tutorial for a Yeelight strip? ( a lot of people are asking on different youtube videos) There are zero tutorials on youtube…

How should the config.json look like?


@weiwei 您好
2. Turn on developer mode of your device.





请使用Yeelight app,现在不叫极客模式,改名叫局域网模式了。


Hi @weiwei, I managed to set up homebridge and the yeelight plugin for the first time a few days ago and had no problems getting it working. However, just today the lights stopped responding in the Home app. I restarted homebridge to try resolve and now I receive the following below. Note, I did toggle the LAN Control for both of my lights, and checked for plugin updates. The homebridge can be connected to fine, but the lights don’t appear (but work fine with the Yeelight app). Any ideas?

[2017-11-17 21:24:41] Loaded plugin: homebridge-http
[2017-11-17 21:24:41] Registering accessory ‘homebridge-http.Http’
[2017-11-17 21:24:41] —
failed to load BLE module!
[2017-11-17 21:24:41] Loaded plugin: homebridge-yeelight
[2017-11-17 21:24:41] Registering platform ‘homebridge-yeelight.yeelight’
[2017-11-17 21:24:41] —
[2017-11-17 21:24:41] Loaded config.json with 0 accessories and 1 platforms.
[2017-11-17 21:24:41] —
[2017-11-17 21:24:41] Loading 1 platforms…
[2017-11-17 21:24:41] [yeelight] Initializing yeelight platform…
[2017-11-17 21:24:41] [yeelight] YeePlatform Init
Setup Payload:
Scan this code with your HomeKit app on your iOS device to pair with Homebridge:

Or enter this code with your HomeKit app on your iOS device to pair with Homebridge:

│ 031-45-154 │

[2017-11-17 21:24:41] [yeelight] DidFinishLaunching
no ble cap, skip ble device discovery
[2017-11-17 21:24:41] Homebridge is running on port 51826.
add to multicast group
listen on
no did or loc found!








有pc端的demo啊,http://www.yeelight.com/en_US/developer 下面有各个平台的demo,都有源代码


Hey, can someone tell me why Yeelights stop responding with homebridge after a while ?
I have to re-run homebridge again to make them work…


Homebridge isn’t very stable. I guess I’ll just wait till Homekit supported is added through the app. :pensive:


Any solution for the well-known “DidFinishLaunching no ble cap, skip ble device discovery” issue?

Turning the Lan Mode on and off didnt help neiher did the IGMP router settings.

Any other suggestions? By the way im trying to connect the LedStrip but Homebridge hasnt managed to find it not even once. I have been trying for an entire day but nothing yet!

By the way i cant even get any info about the device via miio

Device ID: 54687077
Model info: Unknown
Token: ???
Support: Unknown

Even with a different plugin (homebridge-re-yeelight) and hardcoded token the result is the same. No lights.

Loaded plugin: homebridge-re-yeelight
Registering platform ‘homebridge-re-yeelight.ReYeelightPlatform’
Load homebridge-re-yeelight.ReYeelightPlatform
Setup Payload:

What i see in my router’s settings though is that every other connected device has the same wifi ssid but for the led strip it shows the local ip. It works however just fine in the mi home and yeelight apps.


can anyone help?

Have Homebridge installed on my Synology and Home kit sees it but after I install the plug in

npm I yeelight.js

and edit the config.json

“bridge”: {
“name”: “YeeBridge”,
“username”: “18:00:27:40:BC:1B”,
“port”: 51825,
“pin”: “031-45-154”

"platforms": [
        "platform" : "yeelight",
        "name" : "yeelight"


I restart the Homebridge and the home kit shows “no response” and I am not able to add it again.

On the terminal I get this

“Error:The requested platform “yeelight” was not registered by any plugin.”

Any ideas ???


@weiwei, please release a newer version of NPM containing the latest fixes in recently merged PRs. need it badly :slight_smile:


我有三个yeelight灯,分别是yeelight吸顶灯、yeelight皎月吸顶灯和小米台灯,装了这个插件后,都能正常通过家庭app控制,但有一天突然就只能控制其中的一个或两个灯了,log中显示插件启动时,只有其中的一个或两个灯是connect ok。已经重启过homebridge多次了,都是随机有一个或两个灯可以找到,不知道咋办了。