Help principal operation of bulb color

I’m using bulb color. I want to use it with LAN network so as my thought, I suppose its operation is following:
First , when Using bulb, we fill our router and connect to its wifi in setting, so, at that time, we connect to it and supply it can be access to cloud with our router and it makes webserve with it’s default IP address,right?
Second, when we controll it via Yeelight app. It means the Yeelight app will send a trigger to cloud, and the cloud will to send a response ( maybe GET or POST) to webserve and the Bulb will read it and acts, right?
Next, If my thought is right, so if I have 2 or more Bulbs and we know the their default adress is the same : So if I controll it as above , it will be mess, Please explain me for that.

Thank you

1 Like is a multi-cast address (refer to IGMP) instead of IP address of the bulb. IP address of each bulb is different under the same router (you can logon to your router and check the DHCP client list).
Actually I don’t quite understand your question, do you want to know the working mechanism of Yeelight open API? Or how Yeelight app and the bulb communicate?

Yup! Thanks for your response , May be I don’t get it exactly, I supposed it works as similarly as ESP8266 works,so I mean I want to understand how the bulb or more than 2 bulbs communicate and the way it works , then I can use it with my Lan network :slight_smile: ! If it’s possible, you cloud tell me about that. I would like to do something new with Yeelight Bulb so much.