Google integration :scene but not light


Yesterday i tried to change server from Singapour to germany.
Before that I had all scene and light in Google home. But after the server change (after re link with yeelight) I have only scene in Google home but not lights. In yeelight I have all.
I went black to Singapour but I have the same problem

More, in mi home I can’t see color light v2

Thanks for your help
Mi id is 1835402696

I have the same.
I was on Germany server - then out of nowhere started having this problem.
Changed servers, relinked, resynched - nothing worked.

I have this issue since yesterday.
Google Home see scenes only and it works ok, but no device is visible. I can’t control light by device.
Yeelight app is working normal.


The problem is solve. Just re-synchronize Google home