Google Home or Alexa?


I have several of the Yeelight bulbs and they are great! Currently connected to the Singapore server if that matters.

I mainly have iPad and iPhone in the house but would prefer more automation and voice commands so was thinking of the Google Home. But it seems from what I’ve read so far, Alexa integration is much better.

So is that true? And is there a plan to improve the Google Home connectivity at a later date? I prefer the Google device but how well it works with Yeelight is important as I plan to add more Yeelight devices at a later date.

Many thanks


Please refer to the link:

All Yeelight Wi-Fi devices are support Google Home/ Alexa/IFTTT.


Actually, goole home works as good as Alexa. Nothing need to worry if you prefer google device.

If you got any problem, we are to here to support.