Google Home / MI Account / Yeelight issue

I seem to have got myself in a right mess and I’m now stuck in a circle.The problem seems to stem from the fact that I had an existing MI account prior to installing the Yeelight App. It wasn’t an account that I ever made use of and when I installed Yeelight I couldn’t remember the login details so I created a new MI account. After installation of Yeelight, the app and bulb were working correctly. I renamed the bulb to “Uplight”. I then went to Google Home and under Home Control added Yeelight Actions as a new service. I was asked to login to my MI account which I did but no devices showed up. It seems I was inadvertently linking to my original MI account rather than the new one. One was accessed with my phone number as the user name and the other with my email as the username - both had the same password. After ensuring that I logged in to my new MI account on Google Home then my Yeelight showed up as a device and all was well. After further playing I wanted to save the Candlelight effect as a scene so that I could call it up in google Home using the “Activate” command. So I created the scene in Yeelight but when I went to Google Home expecting to see the scene as a virtual device nothing showed up. I then read somewhere that I should unlink Yeelight Actions from Google Home and then relink it again and the scene should show up. So I went to Google Home/Home Control/Manage Accounts and select Yeelight Actions and the option to “Unlink Account” pops up. I tap on it and confirm that I want to unlink Yeelight Actions after which I get a message briefly displayed saying “Successfully unlinked your Yeelight Actions account”. The problem is that Yeelight Actions is still showing as a linked service. This is the case no matter how many times I try to unlink it. In desperation I thought I would start again from square one so I deleted both of my MI accounts and uninstalled both Yeelight and Google Home apps. I then reset the Yeelight bulb and reinstalled Yeelight creating a new MI account and renaming the bulb to just “Light”. I then reinstalled Google Home but when I open it up and go to Home Control, Yeelight Actions is still showing as already linked with the bulb named as “Uplight” (which was from the MI account that I had deleted). My new account with the bulb named “Light” isn’t showing up. So I’m now totally stuck. I can’t unlink my old deleted MI account from Home which is preventing me from linking to my new MI account.

Is there some way I can force Google Home to forget my old deleted MI account so I can link to my new one?


Just an update. I’ve just spent 1 1/2 hrs online with google help chat and he was unable to resolve the problem. We tried downloading the google home app on a different phone but it still showed my old MI account and associated bulb which I still couldn’t unlink. In the end we did a factory reset on my Google Home but when I set it up again using my same google account and checked Home Control, Yeelight Actions was still showing as linked to my old deleted MI account and bulb. The tech support guy agreed to report it as a bug and the only thing we could think of was to set up a new google account just to control google home. Not the best solution but can’t think of anything else.

Hello, I stuck in a half of Your story. Suggest to start oneca again with the thisrd acount and different password.