Google Home Integration - Issues, Solutions and Feedbacks


Exactly same for me too. I bought 4 Yeelight and home. Philips is just overpriced. I find Yeelight value for money. Philips colors are more accurate though.


@bhikram @crixalis Thanks for help to push google on this case.


Hi Guys,
Can anyone help me? I dont know what to do… i have 4 yeelight bulbs and cant relinking Yeelight actions on Google assistant on my smartphone.
I can find the bulbs on IFTTT, i am using the singapore server… but when i try to connect the Yeelight actions, gives me the error ´something went wrong, try again later´. What can i do?

Thanks for the help and sorry for my bad english :S


There is an issue with Google Home Servers. I have told google that if this is not fixed until Monday I will shift to Echo.



Thanks for your feedback.

I believe some guys in this forum have been working with us to push google to fix this issue.

But we have not got any update on this issue from google.

You can watch the following thread to get latest update.


It seems to be working now! Please check and revert.


Yes, we have fixed that issue. For details, please refer to:


Now it’s working. Many thanks for helping us, I hope this issue will disappear forever.
What remains it’s the scene mode. This scene appear like other bulbs. Now I have one bulb pair with google home, but in Google home are linked scene mode with bulb.

Thanks again.


That’s weird. Only one scene without any device? Try to refresh that page.


I try refresh, unlink and link again but nothing. Now only one bulb it s online, and for this bulb I have set 6 scene. When I add this bulb to google home, all scene with bulb appear in that list. This issue was at the beginning with google home link error.


Hi crixalis,
Please tell me your Account ID. I log to help you find out why.


My ID:
Thanks for help.
PS. I read on internet, much more people have my problem with scene.


@crixalis I didn’t get your point.

As you mentioned in previous mail:

When I add this bulb to google home, all scene with bulb appear in that list. This issue was at the beginning with google home link error.

All the problem gone, right?

Then, what’s the problem now?


Sorry for misunderstanding. Problem it’s still here. I posted a screenshot with the problem. When I add a bulb in Google home, between them it’s linked all scene mode assigned to that bulb

If this it s correct, what you see in my screenshot it’s correct, sorry for complaining :slight_smile:


That’s exactly how google home designed. Scene is treated as Virtual Device.


Ok, now I understand. Thanks


Scenes don’t work. Neither in german nor in english Google Assistant. Everything else works fine for me. Please fix this issue.


Can you show me the scene you have setup?


If you firstly connect the yeelight actions and then make scenes in yeelight app, you need to unlink and relink your account to google! That was my case at first. Hope that helps


Just like @ntelas46 mentioned, please make sure all your scenes have been shown in the device list in Google Home app.