Google Home Integration - Issues, Solutions and Feedbacks


Yes, sometimes you have to try to link several times before it actually links.


Thank you Djinnmoto,

Before i replied to your suggestion, i tried adding my Yeelight as a device 64 times in the last 2 hours but the result hasn’t changed. I am still not able to add it as a device. Do you think 64 times is enough or keep trying the same thing more? Any further suggestions would be appreciated and thanks all in advance. Obviously there is something not working the way it supposed to. Have a great day.


Oops, one more thing to check, do you have your bulbs on Singapore Server? If it’s a yes, should you try to unbind bulbs on yeelights and add again? If still is a yes, I’m not sure how to help 'cause adding as devices is not too big an issue.


Which server did you select in Yeelight app? Currently, only those devices connected Singapore server could be discovered by google home.


All my Xiaomi products including Yeelight is on “Mainland China” server. Is this why i am having this issue? If so, is this going to expand to Mainland China server like Singapore so that i can add my Yeelight to Google home and lastly if it ever does expand to other servers when will it be if you have to roughly guess. Thank you for the golden information and have a great day.


Yes, Bulbs should be installed on Singapore Server, otherwise, they won’t be discovered by Google Home.

These have been talked about for months because China blocks Google so, there will be no expandation or deployment of Xiaomi products to be supported by any of Google services in the near future.

I know, we know that this is inconvenience but an inevitably thing.

Home automation will be deployed to Singapore Server soon.

Hope it helps.


Any updates on the synchronization from Google yet?


Not so far. I think it will be big change for google actions, may take longer than we expect.


Optimization is done. Now we can officially announce that “Yeelight work with Google Home”.



What kind of optimization ?


Performance optimization for multiple device control. It will be more synchronized.


Should it be fixed the synchronization for installing new bulbs after the linking account between google home and yeelight app.


No. That need google optimize discovery mechanism. What we did is optimization on Yeelight side, when google send a command to control multiple devices.


Perhaps you should consider the device name to be renamed to just ‘Yeelight’ instead of ‘Yeelight Actions’. No other devices has a weird name like that.


I agree.


Single word is not allowed:

App names with only one word, or only one word that is not a prefix (such as “the” or “an”), are not normally allowed. If you need further guidance, please contact support.

I try to contact AOG support and negotiate…


suddenly the scene application works ok now, dun know why?


There was a bug and we have fixed it.


great to hear and now waiting for the google updates and it should work perfectly.