Google assistant won't drive yeelink

Since an update a few weeks back, I cannot get Google assistant to work with yeelink… it was working fine before, but the new update persuaded me to swap from Singapore server to Germany…
I have since tried swapping back to Singapore… to no avail.
I’ve uninstalled the app and readded my lamps, which work from the app.
Google finds the app and links, but NO commands work at all.

Help please ?
yee Id: 1618550348

@yusure please help with the issue.

If you select other servers, you should tell GoogleHome sync devices. “Hey Google, sync devices”.

Thanks with this information, it star to work in Spanish :heart_eyes::kissing_heart::star_struck:

tried sync, but all it says is “OK, let me get some information about that…” same as when I say “turn off the lights” etc

Solved… reset Google assistant to default settings.
Thanks to all who chipped in !