Google Assistant vs Google Home app

Hi, I’m wondering if anyone else has similar issue.

I have successfully linked Yeelight to Google Assistant (via Settings > Home Control > Add Device.

I’ve also downloaded Google Home app but on the app, I can’t add Yeelight. The app isn’t able to find any of my bulbs.

Any advice?

Are you using the Signapore server? I know that one works

Yes, Singapore. The usual “Ok, Google” works as I am able to add the bulbs via Assistant. But on Home app, I can’t.

But what’s strange is that on the Home app, I have very few options. I don’t even have “Settings” in the burger menu.

have you added your bulb to other server already?? if you did, you have to delete them first.

in another words, bulbs are assign to different server even with same one account.

i just found out…too me a week to solve this problem…but it is what i expected from chinese app…

and now, if i have new bulb needs to be added, the yeelight device list in google home is not up to date…

all i can do is unlink yeelight device in google home app…wtf…how this was not solved?? did xiaomi always publish the app without a single person use it once first?

I’ve added the bulbs to Singapore server on Yeelight app. On Google Assistant, I linked Yeelight service to it and the bulbs showed up.

On Google Home though, I have no option to link services. Also when I try to “Discover” the bulbs, nothing showed up.

Did you mean I need to unlink Yeelight from Google Assistant before adding them to Google Home?

The Yeelight app and ecosystem are a bit confusing sometimes. The Yeelight scenes for example, appear as a Device on my Google Assistant.