Google assistant new language

Hello everyone, today google assistant support new languages like Italian, Spanish and other.
Is it possible an update of the app for use google assistant to turn on or off the yeelight bulb with the new language? Thanks

it has nothing to do with languages, google would handle your intention and send to us no matter what languages you are using.

I don’t understand, do you mean that I can use Italian to turn on/off my yeelight?

why not? per my understanding, google should know your intention. could you give a try?

Sure, when I go home I try to command my light! Thank you so much

let us know your result, if you can’t control them, we will check with google.

i have tried, but there aren’t any menu or options to use google actions.

If no options, then it’s related to google, we can’t help.

Google Actions it’s actually supported for the languages but I don’t know who have to train Google Assistant to obey to the new commands in the new language. Is it xiaomi or google?

Google should get the intention of users and send to our cloud.

Google Assistant is from November 15th in Italian, but as far as Home Control is concerned, the Italian version is not yet available, it will be when Google Home will be distributed to Italy

Not italian nor spanish too.
There’s a solution, Set your smartphone to english and you will be able to add devices (not in the easy section but in help/add devices).
I did but I couldn’t configure devices and scenes correctly. It’s a pity. I bought the lights thinking I could use them by my voice

Thanks for the answer, I have an iphone and google assistat installed, when I open it I found the options for use google assistant to command the yeelight bulb, but when i try to install the actions, the app give me an error. What is the problem? if you want i send you some images

i make a mistake. I have china mainland server and I think i must setting singapore server

with Singapore server I can setup my bulb but not working with Italian language. I found it in the app but not response with the vocal command